Robotizing complex 

transcatheter structural heart


The future of  heart repair procedures is transcatheter and robotic based.

The TAVI opened a new area to structural heart repair, replacing an open heart procedure by a transcatheter one. Nowadays this procedure is mainstream, and routinely handled by clinicians.

Following the Aortic Valve trend, other valves repair procedures are evolving to transcatheter solutions. 

However the induced complexity requires robotic assistance to make a safer, quicker and more comfortable procedures for patients and clinicians. 

We want to make any clinician worldwide a high-performer 

in complex transcatheter structural heart repair procedures.


& Surgeons

We aim to provide a set of planning and per-operative tools to assist clinicians in performing complex transcatheter procedures.

Our « clinician-centric » solutions integrate the latest image-guided robotics technologies into ergonomics tools.


The standardization of robotic assisted transcatheter procedures will provide solutions to many patients who cannot benefit from open-heart surgery.

Health Systems

We aim to contribute to reduce the recurring costs of un-operable patients, by providing safe transcatheter treatment solutions.

Meantime, transcatheter operations reduce post-operative care.

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